Saturday, June 1, 2013

Today's Meet

I used Today's Meet in my classroom this year for brainstorming.  I teach 5th Grade, and the kids often struggle coming up with ideas, whether it be for a writing project, research project, etc.  It's a really quick and easy way to have all the kids put their ideas in one place that can then be easily printed off for everyone to share and use.  It's a great tool for any subject.  It can be used in math for solving problems.  I simply have them type their answer before clicking "Say," and then have them all show their answers at the same time (to avoid kids just using others' answers).  It would be a great tool for Writing to Explain in math also, but unfortunately, they are limited to only 140 characters.  I have occasionally used Today's Meet in an anonymous manner, because some kids aren't comfortable with their ideas or answers being shown to the whole class; just have them pick a number to use as their name.  They will know who they are, but nobody else will.  If it's an assignment that you want to print off and use for your own records, just have the kids put their name and number on a piece of paper and turn it in so you know which responses belong to which student.

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  1. I used Today's Meet in my classroom not only for brainstorming but also on review days. Students could ask questions as they came up and I would keep the discussion link open until after the exam so students could refer back to it. The ability of quieter students or those that just need a few more minutes to respond is such a wonderful part of this back channel tool. I teach 9th and 10th graders. It is also a way to model good digital behavior.