Saturday, June 1, 2013

I am a substitute teacher (aspiring to be a regular teacher) constantly looking and listening for different apps that other teachers have tried and tested, stumbled upon, or heard about with rave reviews to keep me a top of the technology they're delivering to their students and that I will be comfortable to use when I am requested to work for particular teachers that are going techno. And once I get that elusive teaching job I will have a repertoire of go to apps, just hope that they will not be obsolete by then. I would love to have this particular session to be longer and have more sharing time, so much to talk about and play with.
The screen chomp app looks like a great tool to use, especially since I will be doing a Flipped Classroom, perfect for explanation, grading, and my A HA moment, reteaching parents those forgotten fragments, YES! So helpful.

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  1. Ted-ed is an excellent site for flipped classrooms. Ted is ideas worth sharing and Ted-ed is lessons worth sharing. Free, easy account to set up. There are many lessons that are teachers ideas and concepts paired with professional animators. These cover all areas and are amazing. Then there are the youtube flipped lessons. A youtube video is added to their template and questions and links can me added and modified or just using some of theirs "as is" are perfect for a homework video or anticipatory set. I have made my own, modified and also used their lessons.